The Omoide Project: Spokane

In Japanese, 'omoide' means memories or recollections. Our church is working together with the Hifumi En Society to compile a detailed account from our Spokane Japanese-American community. The overall idea is to create a series of short memories about the Spokane Japanese-American community. Our model is the Omoide project from Seattle. The basic format is short memories that focus on a short, but meaningful memory that can be described in about 500 words. Our goal is to get as far back into the past as possible (early 1900s), since this is the history that is most at risk, but we welcome all stories from childhood and adulthood.

We’d like to emphasize remembering people from the past because that is a big reason why we’re doing this project.


If You Would Like To Check It Out Click The Link Below!


                                                 *A  special thanks to Hifumi En, and to everybody who shared their stories! Thank You all for your support!*